Flower Delivery in Houston: 5 Alternatives to Typical Bouquet of Roses

It is no secret that flower delivery services are one of the most convenient services for men. Not only does it allow them to surprise their loved one with a bouquet of flowers, but the convenience of the service allows them to send flowers for any occasion, even for “just because” moments, as well.

Many men, however, tend to gravitate towards the “typical” bouquet of roses. Although there is no denying that roses are beautiful, there are also many other premium flowers available for flower delivery in Houston, TX. In fact, choosing any of these alternative options can easily increase the impact of your surprise, especially if you make good use of the symbolism of a particular flower. With that in mind, up your flower game by having any of the following flowers delivered:

A Flower Delivery Service Delivers a Surprise Bouquet to a Client


Vibrantly eye-catching, lilacs often come in gorgeous shades of purple. They are quite fragrant, which helps some people relax. In Celtic history, lilacs were often regarded as “magical” flowers due to their fragrance. Sending lilacs to a loved one on the 8th wedding anniversary was a common practice in the past. Today, purple lilacs are often representative of the first feelings of love, a great option for couples who are in the early stages of their relationship.


In Greek, the name “iris” is translated as “rainbow”, a fitting name for a flower that comes in a wide range of hues. The flower is often associated with the ideas of “eloquence” and “compliments”. As such, they can be a great idea if your special someone has a way with words. To emphasize the symbolism further, you may want to give a handwritten message alongside your chosen irises.


Like with many flowers, Amaryllis is deeply rooted in Greek mythology and is named after a nymph of the same name. The stunning red hues of amaryllis symbolize determination and radiant beauty. In general, the color red is often used to symbolize love. Today, Amaryllis is often associated with the holidays, so they make an apt choice if you plan to use a flower delivery service, like River Oaks Plant House, during the holiday season.


Tulips are one of the few flowers that are able to compete “toe to toe” with roses as a romantic flower. This is especially true for red tulips as the flower is meant to symbolize the “perfect love”. As such, red tulips are great for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. On the other hand, yellow tulips are considered to symbolize “simple joys”, making them an ideal choice for those “just because” moments.


It’s hard not to like the cheerful and stunningly beautiful appearance of sunflowers. In fact, many artists throughout history were so enamored with the flower that it was often the subject of many Impressionist paintings. Not only does sending a sunflower to a loved one tell them that you think they are a “joy to be around”, but a sunflower can sometimes be used to symbolize the idea that you believe that your special someone is a “work of art”.

Find the right flower for the occasion and have it delivered to your significant other fast by turning to a trusted flower shop like River Oaks Plant House.