Creative Houston Garden Center on Tips for 2015 Top and Trendy Designs

This past winter season was terribly harsh, and no doubt people in Houston and everywhere else in the country are just too happy to have the sun shining again, and welcoming spring with open arms. Of course, what’s spring without a burst of colors and a bloom of beautiful flowers?

Top 10 Garden Design Trends of 2015, Gardenista, January 5, 2015

Homeowners, in particular, with front lawns and backyards just getting refreshed after the icy, past several months, surely would like to breathe in some new life into it this time around. Horticulture enthusiasts everywhere, therefore, could probably use these tips for the upcoming garden trends for this year, without having to sacrifice the space’s functionality.

Raised flowerbeds: Garden owners who own pets are likely to benefit the most from this add-on to the garden. If your gardening heart has been broken over and over again because your pet dog or cat dug through your flowerbeds, then why not raise it to a level that they cannot reach? These cute and adorable house pets would certainly not want to bother digging while they are up on their hind legs, as it requires too much of an effort.

Aside from that, flowerbeds are perfect for those interested in expanding their greenery to a kitchen garden. This compartmentalization should be perfect for the organization of herbs and other potted plants.

Lawn Meadows: Those who enjoy a view of lush, cheerful flowers can have their fill with this up and coming trend of mini meadows. Dot your front lawn with various colors of wildflowers, as well as perennials to add that pop of texture in an otherwise well-manicured lawn. Not only that, but you can even enjoy nature in its full bloom as butterflies and birds fly in to also take in the wonders of spring courtesy of native plants.

To make it as rustic as a meadow, you can seek help from your trusted Houston garden center so that you can get the best combinations possible, and also know how to care for the plants and flowers properly.

Bamboo Rising: Renowned for its strength and simple attractiveness, the humble bamboo has now grown to have an impressive image, thanks to the huge appeal it contributes to any landscape setting. From homey fences to sturdy trellises and plant tunnels, the bamboo has now become an undeniable necessity for those in the business of seriously accessorizing their gardens.

Creative Houston topiary professionals, like those from River Oaks Plant House, can give you an advice or two in making your garden look its best for this year’s spring, and even beyond.

Source: (Top 10 Garden Design Trends of 2015, Gardenista, January 5, 2015).

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