Complete Your Cozy Interior with Flower Delivery and Natural Greens

A great home isn’t as cozy and inviting without some greens and natural blooms around the place. Indoor plants are not only great to look at, but they also clean the air and even provide a natural aroma if you get the right flowers. Here are some flower choices you should look for when you arrange for flower delivery in Houston.

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  • Gardenia – This is one of the most fragrant indoor plants that you will ever encounter. The leaves are bushy and there is usually only one or two flowers growing in a small pot, but the blossom/s is pretty and aromatic nonetheless. Try placing your arrangement in your bedside table, and wake up to the sweet scent of gardenia.
  • Corsage Orchid – The variety of orchid is arguably the “flashiest” and prettiest. True to its name, it has a color pattern around the edges of the flower petals that resembles a corsage. Try placing one in your living room or dining table, and observe as it makes itself the center of attraction.
  • Passionflower – It’s a beautifully alluring exotic plant that can grow indoors. Since this plant grows fast, keep them near a trellis that they can climb on. You can try growing this in a dead spot like a huge barren wall, as long as you give the plant something to climb on.
  • Aloe – This is a pretty famous choice for homeowners. The fat and fleshy leaves look simple but oddly attractive. Aloe is also a medicinal plant that can be used for cuts and burns, so it’s handy to keep some in your home.
  • Rosary Vine – Keep this plant in hanging baskets near your door, or window frames. They can easily give any home that sense of natural warmth, especially if it matches the wall colors or window drapes.
  • Desert Rose – The flowers are a simple light shade of pink with a darker shade on its edges. Due to its simplicity, this plant can easily go well with any part of the house without looking out of place.
  • Calamondin Orange – The leaves are small and pretty, the blooms are fragrant, and the fruits are edible. They are best kept in bright areas, and are not that hard to maintain.

Some of the other plants may be hard to maintain, though, so if you’re the type of person who easily forgets to water your plants, it might be best to just arrange for a local florist in Houston, like River Oaks Plant House, to deliver cut flowers that you can keep in vases. Remember, though, that these plants will eventually die, so you should have them replaced every week at the latest, to keep your house fresh, cozy, and beautiful.


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