Colorful Flowers in Bloom for Christmas at Flower Shops in Houston

Colder weather doesn’t necessarily have to mean that your home décor will have to do without the vibrant flora. There are actually many types of flowers and plants that can bloom even through winter, and these make for the perfect indoor or outdoor decorations to complement the coming Holidays. If you are looking for ideas on what to plant or display inside your home this Christmas, here are some excellent ones you can easily find at flower shops in Houston.



No matter where you are in the world, red seems to be the universal color for Christmas. Red flowers in and around your home would certainly give it a more festive look. A crowd favorite is the poinsettia. While it is available in a range of colors, bright crimson remains the most popular. The best part is that the poinsettia only needs to be watered when dry when it is placed in a spot with just the right amount of sunlight.


If you’re looking for something with a little bit more flair than the poinsettia, try amaryllis in a royal velvet shade. Buy amaryllis that are just about to bloom if you want to decorate your home with it.

African Violet

Continuing on the theme of colorful cold weather flowers, don’t overlook violets. Now, the African violet doesn’t solely thrive during chilly seasons because they bloom all year round, making it a great choice. African violet is even perfect as indoor plants since you will only need to keep it watered well, fertilized and exposed to a tiny bit of sun. These are available in many colors as well, but if you’re looking for a shade that can draw attention, try the more vibrant purple or bright pink hues.

Christmas Cactus

When it comes to ease of care and maintenance, cactus species practically take the top spot. As succulents, they retain water well but they do require thorough watering especially when the soil has dried. The Christmas cactus normally blooms around late December and needs to be placed where it’s bright but away from direct light. Flowers of the Christmas cactus also come in a variety of colors. Among the most popular ones are red, pink, violet, and white.

There are many other types of colorful flowers and houseplants to choose from other than the four mentioned above. If you want something that is readily available locally, ask a flower delivery company in Houston like River Oaks Plant House for more ideas.

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