Choose the Right Flower Before Sending a Flower Delivery in Houston

So you’d like to surprise your loved one with some fancy flower delivery in Houston when they least expect it? While that’s all sweet and good, do you know exactly what it is you are sending their way?

Flowers are very popular gifts, not only because they look dainty and beautiful, and they smell good. It’s also because each flower and color has a special meaning. Be careful what kind of flowers you pick out, so that you’ll be saying what you mean, and meaning what you say.

flower delivery

Rose – The ever popular rose is a favorite because of its romantic appeal. Did you know, though, that its various colors also have different meanings ascribed to each? A pink rose, for example, means admiration or appreciation. A white rose, meanwhile, indicates purity, while a yellow one points to friendship. Of course, the color red signifies love, and not just any kind, but a passionate one at that. So if you are thinking of sending roses to someone, make sure it’s of the right color.

Tulip – Tulips come in a lot of different colors as well. Pink is for caring, purple is royalty, yellow is to be hopelessly in love, red is to declare your love, and white is to forgive, among many others.

Cactus – It may not be the most appealing flower around, but it has a highly positive message attached to it. Cactus stands for endurance, that’s why it’s also one of the most common gifts for those who have just moved into their new home. It’s a testament to one’s independence and capability to withstand trials and challenges on their own.

Bluebonnet – Did you know, by the way, that the State flower of Texas is a Bluebonnet? This sunbonnet-shaped flower, otherwise known as Lupinas, features a white banner spot located in the center of the petal. The flowers usually come in varying shades of lavender, but there is also a pink variant which is said to symbolize the state’s struggle to survive and stands as a tribute to those who sacrificed themselves for Texas’ freedom.

Experienced flower shops in Houston like River Oaks Plant House can help you choose the perfect flower for your loved. Pick the right message and say it with flowers.


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