Best Ideas for Surprising Your Wife with Flowers Delivered Today from Houston’s Top Flower Shop

Flower Delivery Services for Couples Celebrating Their Anniversary

Surprises have always been a vital element in a romantic relationship. Whether you are newlyweds or have been married for a long time, your spouse can never get used to the feeling of being caught off guard when you creep in with your little surprise. And it doesn’t matter how small or simple the gift is, as long as there’s an element of surprise, your spouse can definitely have a good sense of how special she is to you.

What better way to surprise your spouse on her birthday or on your anniversary than to give a bouquet of fresh flowers from a well-known flower shop in Houston, such as like River Oaks Plant House? Flowers carry more message and emotion than long letters of promises, making them the ultimate surprise present. Of course, flowers alone won’t suffice as there are plenty of ways to make your gift more special than it already is. Here are some ideas you can try.

Triple the Joy

Sometimes, you feel like a single surprise won’t be enough to express how much infatuation and love you feel for your significant other. In that case, why not surprise her with flowers three times, with each one better than the last. Have the first bouquet of flowers delivered today at early morning so that she can wake up to the fragrance of blooms beside her. Then have another bouquet delivered to her office with a card that contains a short, sweet greeting. Then when you finally meet her tonight to formally celebrate the occasion, give another bouquet but this time complement it with a different gift like a piece of jewelry, a stuffed toy, or a box of chocolates.

Leave a Paper Trail

Leaving a paper trail that leads to your gift is also a great way to further spice up your surprise. A little bit of suspense won’t hurt as long as it doesn’t get your recipient stuck to a point they’ll give up and just ask you to lead the way. To make it more romantic, you can use flower petals instead of paper with messages. The petals are an easy clue that she’s going to find something special as she reaches the end.

Change the Ambiance in the Bathroom

Apart from creating a trail toward your gift, you can use flower petals just to change the ambiance of your bathroom, kitchen, or whichever room is her favorite. That would definitely surprise her. Just make sure to get those petals from a trusted flower shop. You don’t want to ruin this romantic moment by scattering dry, old flower petals that don’t look attractive at all. Flower shops like River Oaks Plant House that offer flower delivery services in downtown Houston are your best places to find high-quality flowers.

Spell Your Feelings Out with Something Sweet

You can complement your flowers with a short message spelled out with something scrumptious. Sweets and pastries make the best bits and pieces. Leave the sweet message where she can easily find it—perhaps on the dining table, on the countertop, or on the center table at the living room. Of course, it goes without saying that you can’t put it in the bathroom because that might come across differently.

When choosing flowers for your spouse, it’s important that you understand the meaning of each type and quantity. The last thing you want is to give a flower that represents sympathy or condolences rather than love and adoration. To be safe, consult with a florist. They know exactly the best types of flower for romantic occasions like this, and they might even show you a variety of choices to help you find your spouse’s specific favorites.


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