A Helpful Houston Topiary Can Assist You in Improving Your Dwelling

If there’s one thing that’s sure to turn heads when people pass your home, it’s adding a bit of topiary to your front lawn. Whether it’s just a simple set of geometrically shaped plant life or elaborate green sculptures, having topiary grace your property adds greatly to its curb appeal. Even adding it to the privacy of your yard can make your home have an impression on guests. Although it might seem that topiary is created by homeowners, getting them can be as simple as contacting a dependable Houston topiary like River Oaks Plant House. They can be trusted to provide you with the necessary additions.


Selecting One For Your Home

When you’re selecting topiary for your home, there are a few factors to consider. A trusted Houston garden center can often give you advice on what pieces to select, but in the end the decision is your own. First of all, consider where you’ll be putting the topiary. A piece for the front door is different for something to put by the pool. For one, topiary that’s to be placed in the front of your house needs to add structure to the overall look of your front yard, while those in the back or in isolated spaces can function on their own.

Second, you’ll have to select topiary in the shape that would fit your décor scheme. Topiary shapes can range from simple, like balls and cones, to fancy green sculptures in the shape of animals or mythical beasts. Third, in connection to shape, you’ll want to consider the size of the topiary. Small ones can fit in corners or other places in your household, while large ones can be the centerpiece of your yard. Finally, consider the lighting and installation of the topiary. Some topiary are placed in planters so they can be easily moved, while others are planted directly into the ground. Proper lighting can turn your topiary into an impressive sight at night; low voltage battery lights are often enough to do the job, but more powerful lighting can be used.

Topiary Maintenance

You’ll have to properly maintain the topiary after they are installed. The main thing to remember is proper irrigation; water is the lifeblood of plants and brown topiary is not something good to look at. Furthermore, judicious pruning ensures that the topiary stay in shape. Get advice from a local topiary on how to properly take care of them.

Topiary can add a touch of class to your home. Consider adding them with the help of professionals to achieve the maximum effect.


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