9 Essential Questions to Ask a Houston Wedding Florist Before Hiring

During a wedding event, a florist can take on different roles and responsibilities depending on what’s been agreed upon by the involved parties. It’s important to get the details straight while working out a contract. Hiring a Houston wedding florist doesn’t have to feel daunting as long as you know the right questions to ask. Be sure to include these questions when you schedule a meeting with your florist to walk away feeling confident with your decision.

Can I see some samples of the weddings you’ve worked on?

It’s necessary for you to look at samples of the florist’s work to see what she is capable of. How does her past creations look? If she has a website portfolio, sift through it, and if she has the name of her clients, try to get recommendations from them.

Table at a Wedding Decorated Beautifully by a Houston Wedding Florist

What wedding flower ideas can you come up with given my budget?

If you have a set budget, it’s important that the florist can help you find solutions to accommodate it. If what you want is impossible to achieve with the budget you’ve set, they should be able to suggest alternative blooms or arrangements. A good Houston wedding florist will know how to work with all kinds of reasonable budget.

Have you done weddings at the site of our wedding/reception before?

If they have, they’ll know the colors, sizes, shapes that work well with the venue. They’ll also have pictures of it, which can give you an idea of how they have helped other couples beautify the space. If they haven’t they should be willing to perform an ocular inspection to scope it out.

When am I expected to pay for the flowers?

Some florists, will require an upfront deposit. Others will want to be fully paid on or before the day of the wedding. Ask if they accept credit cards or check. If they require cash payment on the wedding day itself, you may want to assign a family member or bridesmaid to take charge of paying the florist so you can focus on your big day.

How many months ahead do I need to order the flowers?

The best florists prepare for wedding all year round, so getting the flowers you want for your weeding shouldn’t be a problem. That said, if you’re looking for an unusual or out-of-season bloom, it can take a little longer to procure them. To be on the safe side, most florists require you to book them six to eight months before the wedding day.

Are you handling other weddings on the same day as mine?

If your florist has other clients on your wedding day, you’ll want a guarantee that they have enough staff to handle multiple clients. You may have to pay more for full-service florist who will manage the blooms during the duration of the event, but it’s often worth the peace of mind.

Are there other services that you offer?

There are Houston wedding florists who can take on some or all of the role of an event organizer. If the florist offers other services, they may be able to provide you certain extras (such as lanterns, chairs, candelabras, furniture, etc.), which can be a good thing. Dealing with a lone supplier can help simply the process and reduce stress. It can allow you to save, as well.

What happens to the flowers after the event?

Hiring a florist means you’ll not only be paying for the flowers, but the accessories as well. However, while the blooms are yours to do with as you wish, the vases and other containers go home with the florist. If you play to reuse the arrangements for an after-event party, most florist can accommodate the request and work it into your initial proposal. For an additional fee, of course.

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