8 Houston Topiary-Approved Tips to Make a Small Landscape Look Bigger

Your home is your castle. But since it doesn’t make sense to surround it with moat, you can use landscaping to add warmth, texture and color to your place of dwelling. But what if you have a small yard? You can still make it work with a few nifty landscaping ideas for small yards and gardens like yours.

From planting annuals and perennials, to growing blooming shrubs, to using fixtures and structures, there are many great and wonderful ways to make your small oasis more inviting and appealing. Check out these Houston topiary-approved landscaping ideas and picture how they can improve your home’s looks and curb appeal.

Create a view

An all-wood structure such as a pergola can give a tiny garden a rustic yet majestic feel. Pergolas along with arbors are classic small yard landscaping features and offer a great way to create a view in your yard. If you prefer to go the more organic route, you can also create a view with small trees, flowers, shrubs, and topiary.

A Small Yard or Lawn Can Look Bigger with Effective Landscaping Ideas

Make the space more manageable with zones

At first, it may seem like you’re only making the space smaller, but zoning can actually open up a small space and make it feel larger. Try different furniture groupings to divide a small backyard landscape into cozy and relaxing nooks. Put zones in different levels to give the space some dimension, then create paths that allow you to move from one zone to another with ease.

Use color effectively

Place bold and bright-colored plants upfront, because they draw the eye’s attention first. Use monochromatic colors for the rest of the garden. This way, the rest of the landscape will appear to recede from the colorful focal point, which can help make the small yard feel larger. Mix and match flowers and herbs to transform a dull patch into a busy space.

Fill birdbaths with plants

Putting plants on a birdbath and other similarly raised garden feature is another way to give your small garden some dimension. Select plants that thrive in shallow soil and put them on a birdbath perch. Add pebbles to allow the soil to hold more moisture while adding a subtle touch toward a desert-landscape look.

Use tricks of perspective

Long, straight lines can trick the eye into believing that a small yard is bigger than it is. Solid or slatted fences are good for this. To maximize the effect of the illusion, create a slow slant starting from the far end of the lines and create a “V” focal point where the lines meet. Use repeating flower rows to enhance the lines.

Employ wall climbers

Liven up a dull patio wall with climbing plants such as roses, honeysuckle, clematis, jasmine, and even grapevine. The twining vertical vines of these plants can complement any shrub you might have on the ground.

Use unexpected elements

Surprise elements, such as hardscape, can mix the area up and add dramatic visual interest. Boosting visual interest can make the yard’s small size barely noticeable. The right mix of hardscape, paving materials, lawn furniture, and container plantings can be ideal toward this end.

Create vertical features

Plant rows on walls create attractive vertical features that help make a small garden feel bigger. Espaliering, an ancient garden practice that involves training trees to grow against a flat surface, can be effective in this regard. The technique can be used to spruce up a plain shed or house wall in your small backyard.

Houston topiary services

A little professional help can go a long way toward prettifying and maximizing the small space you have in your yard. Consult with Houston topiary services such as River Oaks Plant House and discuss with them how you can realize your small yard landscaping dreams.


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