Wedding Flowers: Tips and Tricks to Maximize Orchids at a Wedding

It’s only natural that you want every aspect of you wedding in Houston to be absolutely perfect, from a stunning wedding that would make even a Disney princess jealous to the songs your wedding band plays at the reception. Of course, your wedding flowers are also one of the things you want to be perfect. In fact, you may already have an idea of what kind of flowers you’d like to have at your wedding.

If the flowers you have in mind are orchids, you’ve made a very elegant choice. Orchids in full bloom are simply breathtaking and lend a distinct charm to any wedding. As such, you’ll definitely want to maximize your use of orchids. Fortunately, doing so doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Keep the following tips and tricks in mind and maximizing the natural beauty of orchids should be a cinch:

Check if Your Chosen Orchid is in Season

Like with most flowers and plants, orchids can go in and out of season. Take the time to do the necessary research and see if your preferred orchid is in season during the time of your wedding. Choosing orchids that are in season can easily help you stay within budget. In the event your chosen orchid isn’t in season, keep an open mind and work together with your florist to find a different orchid that catches your eye.

Happy bride carries a beautiful wedding bouquet of orchids and peonies

Reuse Your Preferred Orchids

Many couples make the mistake of ordering a different set of flowers for the wedding and the reception. Unfortunately, this can lead to you exceeding your budget—and it’s a waste of perfectly gorgeous orchids. The best way to hit two birds with one stone in this scenario is to reuse the orchids that were used to decorate the aisle and the altar and use them as table centerpieces at your reception. Experienced wedding florists are more than happy to accommodate this request.

Go with a Mono Chromatic Reception Theme

Many orchids come in eye-popping colors. As such, it would be a shame to take the spotlight away from the flowers you love so much by over-decorating the rest of the reception venue. With that in mind, you may want to entertain the thought of choosing a monochromatic theme for your reception. All-white can be an elegant and sophisticated choice. This allows the color of the orchids to become even more vivid.

Book a Florist at the Same Time as Other Vendors

Lastly, you’ll want to book a trusted florist, such as River Oaks Plant House, around the same time you book other vendors for your wedding. In other words, you’ll want to book your florist in advance rather than at the last minute. This gives both you and your florist enough time to go over all your options carefully and create arrangements that you love. Similarly, this gives your florist enough time to gather enough of your chosen orchids to meet your needs.


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