Understand the Meaning of Flowers Before Sending as a Gift

Having a special occasion to celebrate can be a very good reason for you to seek the services for flower delivery in Houston first thing in the morning. There’s nothing like waking up to beautiful and fresh-smelling flowers, after all. Sometimes, you don’t even need an event to gift someone with a gorgeous bouquet; you may just be thinking of them.


Before you order your flowers, however, you must take into consideration the types of flowers that you want to send in the floral bouquet. Your helpful local florist in Houston like those from River Oaks Plant House can help you to create the perfect bouquet for your special someone. Depending on the message that you want to convey or symbolize, they should be able to work out what kind of flower and color would be best suited.

The Color of Flowers

Flowers are available in an extensive range of colors that include white or very pale pastels to deep, intense shades like dark blue and purple. While some people will choose flowers based on the recipient’s favorite color, there is also meaning behind the color of the flowers. For example, white can symbolize purity or remembrance. Yellow may mean cheerfulness or that you are a secret admirer of the recipient. Many colors have multiple meanings, and the type of flower in combination with the color can also hold special meaning. Your florist can help you to gain more insight on the meaning of flowers.

The Type of Flowers

There are dozens of popular types of flowers that florists use in bouquets, and there are also more exotic blooms that may be available. Each type of flower holds special significance or meaning. For example, a rose typically symbolizes love. A red rose may be romantic love while a white rose may signify long-standing love or pure love. Pink tulips indicate caring while yellow tulips may indicate that someone is hopelessly in love.

In addition to paying special attention to the meaning of flowers when you are selecting the blooms to include in a bouquet, you can also think about sending a special message in the greeting card that is personalized specifically for the recipient.


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