Topiary Experts Share Ideas to Add Color to Your Thanksgiving Table

It’s almost that time of the year again where families reunite and recount all the blessings they’ve had this year. Yet the highlight of this holiday is the Thanksgiving dinner: it’s definitely something you can’t miss, especially the sumptuous meals and the much-awaited turkey.


You might say that setting the table with traditional Thanksgiving dishes would suffice, but why not go the extra mile by incorporating harvest-themed flowers into your dinner table? Thanksgiving dinners are made more special with the addition of colorful and fragrant flowers on the buffet table. Here are some ideas straight from topiary experts that you can try for your dinner table this year.

Some Flowers to Consider

Going for orange-colored flowers is the traditional way to get into the Thanksgiving spirit. Normally, you’ll want to go with varieties like chrysanthemums, gerbera daisies, lilies, carnations, marigolds, and roses, all of which are just among the few that remain in bloom during the fall season. You’re not limited to these flowers, though: you can also go for non-traditional ones like anemones, Vanda orchids, and Caraluna garden roses.

If you wish to add more life into your Thanksgiving table, try mixing and matching different types of flowers with complementing hues. For instance, you can pair pastel pink and white flowers while adding a hint of red into your centerpiece. If you want to deviate from the typical autumn palette, you can even choose bright-colored flowers.

Arrangement Styles

There are different flower arrangement styles that you can try for your Thanksgiving dinner table. You can always go with the traditional centerpiece that features flowers in all of autumn’s colors, adorned with candles of different sizes.

Other than that, you may also choose to arrange your flowers into a cornucopia. You simply need to mix deep red flowers and orange mums, along with rustic fall leaves, and create a “horn of plenty” that can dazzle your Thanksgiving guests.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

As you start choosing the perfect set of flowers for your Thanksgiving dinner table, remember that you’re not limited to the usual fall colors. Make an even bigger impact among your guests by going for a dramatic centerpiece that mixes the usual flowers with elements like branches, flowering kale, and even black chili peppers.

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