Tips for Selecting the Right Kind of Wedding Flowers for Your Big Day

With the big day coming up, each and every detail must come together quickly, from the venue to the decorations, the guestlist and programs, the food, and of course, the dresses. On top of all these, however, is the equally important matter of wedding flowers.

Wedding flowers do more than just prettify the venue, they also add to the overall ambiance and theme of the occasion. Just like the rest of the other details, the decision as to what kinds of flowers to use is a highly subjective and preferential one. Here are some helpful tips for choosing flowers, whether for your venue or your bouquet.

Picking Wedding Flowers That Will Go Best with Your Big Day’s Theme

Consider the Season

The season when the wedding date will fall should be taken into consideration when choosing flowers. While most flowers are available all year-round such as roses and orchids, there are others, such as yellow peonies, which are only available at certain times of the year. Determine which among the flowers available at the time of your wedding you prefer.

Color Theme

The colors of the flowers must match or at least complement the theme you’ve chosen. A winter theme wedding could use a lot of cream-colored or pastel flowers to give it that soft accent. Some would want to avoid an all-white collection especially if the bride is wearing white, although others would make this the point exactly, to have absolutely everything donned in white. Succulents also work as a nice, subtle pop of color to break the monotony of white.

For summer and spring, bright colors and hues usually dominate the selection, such as perennials, while an autumn wedding makes for a good time to take out the oranges and reds.

Bridal Bouquet Comes First

If you’re having some trouble choosing wedding flowers, you can instead set your sights on one item first to better organize your choices. A good place to start is your bridal bouquet. If there’s one flower item that you should prioritize, it should be this because this is what’s going to complement the bride’s dress as she walks down the aisle.

In creating the bridal bouquet, factor in the style of the dress to determine the size of the bouquet. The idea is for it to complement the dress and natural shape, which means that the smaller the bouquet is, the better it is in showing off the bride’s waist. Bridal bouquet trends today include small, circular formations, as well as loosely formed flowers gracefully cascading down in front of the dress.

Once you’ve set your mind on what kind of bouquet you’ll have, you can then base your plans for the rest of the flower arrangements. To make sure that you’re making the best choices for your wedding flowers, consult with professional flower shops.


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