Persuasive Ways to Use a Flower Delivery for Winning a Woman’s Heart

So you like this woman, but you are not quite sure if she knows it. Even worse, you are not sure if she actually likes you in return. You’ve seen her around and she’s smiled at you. At the end of the day, though, you still haven’t had a chance to spend some time alone with her. This is exactly why you haven’t asked her out yet. Lucky for you, there is always flower delivery to anywhere in Houston or any other city for that matter.

If there is something you need to remember, it’s that women can never resist flowers. How can they? Flowers are colorful and beautiful, reflective of the feeling their giver has for a woman. They are a sure way to make her heart skip a beat and feel special. If you are thinking of asking someone out, doing it with flowers is a noticeable and endearing way to do it. There are a number of ways to make flowers work in your favor when it comes to asking someone out.

Send it to her secretly

If you think she is the type who likes the idea of having a secret admirer, you may want to consider having some flowers sent over to her secretly. If you work in the same office, leave a flower on her desk when she steps out for a meeting or lunch.

On the other hand, if she is someone you have seen occasionally in your favorite cafe, you may want to ask help from your favorite barista. Perhaps the flower can come with her next coffee order. Or, you can ask a restaurant server to visit her table and give the flower to her without telling who it’s from.

The important thing to remember is that eventually, she should be able to discover that it’s from you. After all, you don’t want to go through all this effort only to have another guy take all the credit.

First-Date Dilemma? Ask Her Out with a Convincing Flower Delivery

Order for a special delivery

If you happen to be already friends with the woman you want to ask out, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having flowers sent over to her. Ask her friends what kind of flowers she likes, then order a bunch of those in her favorite color. If you are sending it to her office, you may want to consider having the arrangement sent over with a vase. This way, she can readily display them on her desk without worrying where to place them.

Present them to her yourself

If you plan to ask a woman out, consider buying a bouquet and taking them to her yourself. Make it a complete surprise so that it is absolutely romantic. Drop by her office and wait for her to see you. The moment she appears, give her the flowers and ask her out to coffee or dinner.

Don’t miss the chance to catch her attention and interest in a special way. Consider asking that special woman out with flowers. It will make her feel extra special before the date even occurs.


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