Looking to Work on Your Yard? Read Up on These Plant and Garden Tips First

Your backyard is like a blank slate brimming with potential. In fact, you can transform it into just about anything you can think of. With good landscaping design, you can convert it into a lush space where you and your family and friends can enjoy intimate get-togethers and just relax.

Gardening Has a Host of Health Benefits

Medical experts advise people to engage in gardening because this simple backyard task comes with a number of benefits for your health. One study done in Stockholm found that daily gardening could actually cut the risk of heart attack and stroke among people over the age of 60. One Dutch study found that just 30 minutes of gardening can significantly lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, among people. For all these reasons, you should definitely consider making gardening your new hobby.

That said, it helps to follow proper gardening methods to ensure that your garden will stay lush for a long time. To make sure that you are doing it right, here are a number of important plant and garden tips that you may find quite useful.

The Most Practical Plant and Garden Tips You Can Easily Follow Today

Check Your Soil pH Levels

The acidity level of your soil or its pH value is critically important to plant life. Most plants prefer soil with pH levels between 5.5 and seven. On the other hand, grass prefer pH levels between six to 7.2. To adjust your soil’s pH levels, just add lime to raise it or iron to lower it.

Plant Trees Like They Are Already Full Grown

When you are planting a young tree in your garden, you have to consider the full width and height that it would achieve once it’s fully grown. That said, give these saplings ample distance between your roof and gutters to prevent it from damaging your home.

Keeping Grass Healthy Means Fewer Weeds

If the soil in your lawn lacks nutrients, it will encourage weed growth.  Hence, it’s important to make sure that the lawn is properly fertilized at all times. Have the soil tested to be able to determine the right type and quantity of fertilizers to use.

Grass in the Shade and Sun Have Different Needs

The grass in the shady part of your garden would need less water and fertilizer. This is because lack of sunlight makes it grow at a slower pace. Keep these different needs in mind when fertilizing or watering so your lawn stays in perfect condition for years to come.

Just follow these tips and you should always have quite an enjoyable time working on that garden in your backyard, no matter the size. If you happen to be new at this, take your time in getting acquainted with your garden and knowing exactly what it needs to stay healthy. Take advice from garden and landscaping pros and you’ll have a beautiful garden in no time.


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