Landscape Design: A Houston Topiary for Gardens with Small Spaces

Having your very own green wonderland is every homeowner’s dream. Who wouldn’t love the idea of traipsing along flower-filled paths and evergreens? SomeHouston home owners may believe that such a dream is only for those with sprawling, lush lawns and may feel some discouragement in pursuing their designing desires when they don’t have a lot of outdoor space to work with.


A small space should never be a reason not to have a wonderful garden. Picking the right blooms and adding a classic Houston topiary for your garden are only some of the ways to spruce up a bare patch of land. With a little bit of landscaping magic, you can have your very own green wonderland in your tiny front yard.

Proportion Is Everything

In landscaping, proportion is everything. Learning how to scale is the number one trick in stretching a small space. As stated in an article from HGTV Gardens, “If plants or trees are too tall, they can overwhelm the front of your home. The landscape and hardscape should match the scale of the house – and complement its façade.”

Find the Right Decorative Plants

It’s surprisingly easy to find landscaping décor that can both complement your home’s exteriors and still match the area’s size. A topiary, for example, can come in different shapes and sizes and can be designed in a multitude of ways. Topiaries are neat and classy decorative plants that can bring a sense of coherence and structure to a landscape.

Since topiaries can be made into almost any form─ be it of an animal, a letter, or a geometric shape─ you can express your personal preferences and interests through this garden ornament. It is important to note, however, that simple topiaries are much more suitable for smaller front yards. The ones with complex designs can look a bit garish and ostentatious when placed in a very tiny area.

Small spaces can have limitless potential if you’re willing to put in the time, effort, and imagination into creating the perfect landscape design. Plenty of Houston plant and garden stores such as River Oaks Plant House offer various topiaries and flowers that can be used to create your dream garden.

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