Hydrangeas Are Divine Choices for Your Wedding Flowers: Here’s How to Choose and Keep Them Fresh

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want every little detail to be as perfect as possible. If you are searching for wedding flowers in Houston, professional florists can find the right combination of elegance and beauty that will help to capture the essence of your happiest moments.

One of the most popular choices of flowers among brides and grooms for their special day are hydrangeas. These lovely flowers seem to have been created especially for weddings, and their divine, soft appearance always adds an exquisite aesthetic that is pleasing to the eyes. These tips will help you to choose the perfect hydrangeas and keep them looking fresh for your wedding day.

Premium Wedding Flowers Like Hydrangeas Need Extra Attention and Care

Hydrangeas Bloom at Specific Times of the Year

Hydrangea blooms peak for 2 to 3 weeks and can change color as they age. Their color ranges from white, pink, or blue to purple. Many a wedding planner has been surprised when the color of the hydrangeas they picked out suddenly changes before their eyes. Overlooking this fact can throw off the entire color coordination of your special day, so if you plan on picking your hydrangeas yourself or ordering them from a local grower, be sure to get them right at their peak.

If you plan on planting your own hydrangeas ahead of time for your wedding, know that they rarely produce many blooms the first or second year after they have been planted. Unless you are comfortable with planning your wedding out three years ahead of time, this means you will most likely want to have them already growing in your garden.

Hydrangeas Can Wilt After Cut

First off, hydrangeas love water, and they can empty a vase out before you can even think about filling it up again. So, always be sure to check that your vases have plenty of water if you notice wilting. Hydrangeas can also have their stems blocked by air bubbles, their stems crushed where water is taken up, or leaves that are still on the stem can steal moisture away from the flower. To fend off wilting before it happens, be sure to select or cut hydrangeas that are fully open.

If you do notice wilting, don’t be alarmed. While it may take several hours for them to regain lost color, it’s usually an an easy fix. The first step is to separate the wilted hydrangeas from the rest of the arrangement. Be sure to remove any extra foliage and then recut the stem at about one inch higher than it was cut originally. Cut them with a sharp knife at a 45-degree angle under water in your sink. You will have to boil some water and then pour an inch or two of it into a heat-resistant container. From here, you should take your recut hydrangeas and stick them into the boiling water in the container for 30 seconds. After this, you can place them back in their arrangements or in a separate vase so you can monitor them. Be sure to watch the water levels in these vases and give them more, if needed.

Choosing the Right Florist for Your Hydrangeas Might Save the Day

A florist from reliable companies such as River Oaks Plant House can order hydrangeas worldwide, which means they can get them at any stage of bloom during any time of the year. This will allow you to pick the right color to match the rest of your wedding’s décor. The right florist also has experience with creating the perfect bouquets and arrangements and can help to take the stress off of you as well as add a sophisticated level of beauty that the inexperienced may not be able to duplicate.

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