Five Major Life Events that Would Have You Calling a Flower Delivery Service

Sometimes, it can’t be helped when unforeseen circumstances force you to miss an important life event. Fortunately, you can always count on a flower delivery service to reach out and show how much you care despite the fact that you cannot be there for your loved ones.

A flower bouquet can mean so much for both the giver and the intended recipient as it can express your heartfelt emotions better than just saying it through words. When you need to show your sincerity, having a bouquet of flowers delivered at your loved one’s doorstep will certainly do the trick.
Major Life Events that Compel You to Call a Flower Delivery Service

Birthday Bouquet

Nothing says “you’re special” than giving a fresh bouquet of someone’s favorite flowers. Roses are the most popular choice, though tulips, asters, orchids, and calla lilies are also quite common. If you can, try giving yellow-colored flowers as the color symbolizes joy, optimism, and undying friendship. Being at the receiving end of these lovely flowers will certainly put a smile on their faces.

Funeral Flowers

These are usually sent directly to the funeral home to express your genuine condolences to the surviving relatives. Black and white roses seem to be the usual choices, though lilies are also popular as they symbolize renewal and rebirth (a concept common to those who believe in reincarnation and the afterlife). Blue, white, and green flowers are the most appropriate choices for funeral flowers as the colors are meant to soothe the mourning souls of those left behind.

Sympathy Flowers

Unlike funeral flowers, sympathy flowers are meant to cheer up the recipient. For this reason, hydrangeas and tulips are acceptable choices with their wide array of cheerful colors. You can send sympathy flowers straight to the recipient’s home. Even when the actual funeral is over, you can send some sympathy flowers to remind the surviving family member that they are always in your thoughts and prayers.

Mother’s Day

You might have work that day or are living in another state. Whatever your reason might be for missing greeting the most important woman in your life personally on this day, it can easily be remedied with a delivery of her favorite flowers. Again, roses are the go-to flower of choice, but you also won’t go wrong sending orchids and gardenias. However, if you really want to express your gratitude for the woman who bore you into this world, then a bouquet of lisianthus (also known as eustoma) is the ideal choice.

Even without being physically there to celebrate or mourn with your relatives and friends, you can still make them feel your love and sincerity with a simple flower delivery. A bouquet can sometimes say those things you cannot effectively put into words. In case you get confused, don’t hesitate to ask the florist which flowers are the most appropriate for each occasion.


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