The Best Flowers to Send for a Beautiful Easter or Springtime Table

As springtime rolls around, many people are looking to add color and vitality to their living spaces. When you are ready to surprise a friend or delight a family member, a beautiful floral arrangement is a lovely way to do so. You can find many attractive and luxurious floral centerpieces that are just right for a springtime family gathering or the Easter table. Consider some of these popular options for decorating a springtime table with lush blossoms and greens.


Lighted Arrangements
On the first day of spring, there is an equal amount of daylight and nighttime. You could reflect this equality of the day be sending your friend or family member a lit floral arrangement. Consider a large candle that is enveloped in a frosted glass candle holder. The light shines through and is diffused across the dining room table and the entire dining room. When surrounded by beautiful springtime blossoms such as white gardenias or light pink and yellow lilies, the table will truly sparkle and shine.

Filled Floral Baskets
The traditional Easter basket is a mainstay of flower delivery in Houston. You can deliver a beautifully filled floral Easter basket straight to your friend or family member’s table. An overflowing basket filled with colorful tulips is a lovely surprise. These brightly colored blossoms are available in a rainbow of solid and coordinated colors. You could choose your friend’s favorite color or another hue that compliments her dining room’s colors. Another great option is to select the same flowers as what your friend has on his or her china dining ware.

Vase of Blossoms
A vase filled with premium blossoms is a lovely surprise gift for any special person in your life. This spring, consider a beautiful vase holding a delicate yet vibrantly colored orchid from your favorite local flower shops in Houston like River Oaks Plant House. These plants thrive in the tropical climate of the equator and are known for their rich shades of purple, pink and magenta. The deep, vibrant greens of the leaves are the perfect finish. When properly cared for, these fresh orchids can provide many years of beauty to your friend’s home.


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