5 Quick Tips for Buying Flowers Online and Same Day Flower Delivery

Are you interested in sending flowers over to your significant other as a “just because” present? If so, good for you! Whether you’ve been planning this for a few weeks or this is more of a “spur of the moment” decision, women absolutely love this kind of romantic gesture from their loved ones. If this is the first time you’ll be doing this, here are a few tips to help you buy the perfect flowers online and how to take full advantage of same day delivery services in Houston:

Check Delivery Service Coverage

First of all, you’ll want to make sure that your chosen flower shop actually delivers to the address you intend to send the flowers. You can easily check this on their website; simply look for the FAQ section. After all, the last thing you want to happen is to find the perfect bouquet, only to find out the flower shop does not deliver to your intended address.

Keep in mind that some flower shops may charge you an extra fee for deliveries outside of a certain radius. Any such details should also be found on the FAQ page. Fortunately, many respected flower shops, like River Oaks Plant House, charge a flat rate for same day flower delivery.

Smiling woman receives flowers from same day flower delivery service

Prioritize In-Season Flowers

The love of your life may adore lilies, but you may want to double-check if the flower is in-season first. It’s much easier to find flowers that are in season, which can help speed up the order and delivery process since they do not need to be sourced from outside. Flowers that are in season also tend to be more affordable than flowers that are out of season.

If her favorite flowers are out of season, this is a great time to experiment. Try brushing up on your flower language and give her flowers she’s never received before. Alternatively, you may want to speak to a staff member and ask for recommendations based on the kind of flower(s) your girlfriend likes.

Send a Vase Over

It’s only natural that your significant other would like to put the flowers you sent her on display for everyone to see. Sometimes, the bouquet you send over comes in a plain cardboard box upon delivery—not exactly very romantic. Furthermore, not everyone has a vase lying around at home or at the office.

Show her your thoughtful side and ask the flower shop to include a vase that’s large enough to house the flowers you’ll have delivered. Many flower shops have a variety of vases to choose from, so it’s only a matter of choosing one that suits the tastes of your lovely lady.

Include a Card

If you already have plans to meet her on the day you plan to have the flowers delivered, you may want to have the flowers delivered to you instead. This way, you can sweep her off of her feet by giving the flowers you chose for her yourself. This also gives you the time to include a handwritten note or card along with the flowers. In a world where instant messaging reigns supreme, your significant other is sure to appreciate your flowers even more since you took the time to write a love letter to go along with the flowers.

Check Cut Off Times

Lastly, you should always check the cut off time for same day flower delivery before you finalize your order. Many flower shops that offer same day delivery services have a cut off time for the service to be able to ensure they’ll be able to deliver orders on time. Take the time to double check the cut off time for same day delivery orders. After all, you wouldn’t want the flowers you send over to arrive late. You can easily ask about cut off times by calling the flower shop or checking their FAQ page.


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